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Limited First Run Print of the first 26 pages of the first graphic novel.

In 2055, the NEW UNITED EMPIRE (NUE) reigns supreme as an elite authoritarian technocracy in the new world. Eight cities are known as UTOPIAS and maintain fifty-foot walls to protect the "UTOPIANS" from the War of Generations where the NUE wages war against the “REVOLUTIONARY GLADIATORS” using soldiers, assassins, and bounty hunters. Beyond the Utopias is No Man’s Land, where the free people are known as the “FORGOTTEN” are rounded up. If you run, you will find yourself in the war between deadly assassins and conflicted bounty hunters vying for your contract.

The story picks up as the last free city for the Forgotten falls. As the NUE lay siege to the city, two scavengers, JORDAN and TONY, find a lost treasure forgotten by the NUE. Soon after, they are hunted by the deadly General and his squad of soldiers.

Story by Scott Cox and art by Tirso Llaneta.